In a few words

Created in 2009, High Potential Recruitment is a Recruitment Agency situated in Bussy-Saint-Georges, where Marne la Vallée meets Val d’Europe.

With its extensive experience, our Agency has forged solid, lasting ties with its Partners over the years.

Specialising in the recruitment of expert applicants, HP Recruitment provides Human Resources managers and operators with a range of comprehensive recruitment solutions. Additonally, we offer strategic consultancy, tailored behaviour analysis and induction support solutions.

All of our staff profit from a dual background: Business and Agency. The contribution of numerous experiences gives the Agency professional and sectoral expertise which is both specialised and varied.

  • DNA from high performance sport: a joint vision shared by all which considers that the effort required to achieve in sport is similar to the effort needed to successfully perform a challenging recruitment assignment.
  • An attitude: a determination to forge strong ties with our Clients to meet their every need in the best way possible and for the long term. We aim to acquire a thorough understanding of their environments, restrictions and strategies in everything we do.
  • A conviction: attention to detail, considered by our Agency as a guarantee of success and reflected on a daily basis by the same Consultant assisting you throughout the whole process, so limiting loss of information.

A drive for excellence

  • Deadline management: our recruitment projects managed using our 3/5/8 method
  • Proactiveness: applicants approached and motivated by our consultants through our headhunting
  • Skill and rigour: thorough reference checks, respectful of grievances
  • Systematic face-to-face interviews: applicants received and assessed at our premises
  • Partnerships built: monitoring of the induction of recruited employees using milestones, and reports on supported collaborations with our Clients