In a few words

Our work targets several business segments. We support our Group clients and Local Independent Operator clients in the Ile-de-France region and throughout France. We regularly perform recruitment assignments abroad.

Our resources:

  • A team of consultants specialising in different occupational fields, willing to work in several languages.
  • A database developed by us, updated on a daily basis and containing targeted potential applicants who are open to opportunities.
  • An assessment method which underpins both the response to the company's operational requirements and its human capital development.
  • A Quality Charter ("HP Quality") certifying total commitment to the progress of the assignment.

Nos prestations

General or specific support, in order to take advantage of our 4 services in turn or the option of choosing one of them.


1 - 3
Métis Audit

Métis Audit

Consultancy service

Recommendations and a concrete plan of action for successful long-term recruitment.


Provision of an overall or specific study.

1 - 8
Pythie Recruitment

Pythie Recruitment

Recruitment service

A tried and tested method with milestones to provide you with your preferred applicant, within the agreed deadlines.


Via our 3/5/8 method:

  • A shortlist of applicants drawn up in under 3 weeks.
  • Selected applicants presented to our clients in person in under 5 weeks.
  • Facilitation of the signing of the letter of intent or the employment contract in under 8 weeks.
Psyché Assessement

Psyché Assessment

Assessment service

An additional tailored behaviour assessment process to confirm your decision-making.


Presentation of behaviour analysis.

1 - 4
Agora Coaching

Agora Coaching

Support service

A neutral and objective analysis of your employees' induction and performance during their trial period.

Deliverables :

Design of an operational plan by the Client, the Appliacant and HP Recruitment, steered and assessed by the dedicated consultant.